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What Are the Different Types of Book Safes?

There are several types of book safes. Some are made from actual books while others are made of other materials. Some of these book safes are handmade. They are made by hollowing out the pages of a real book. The pages are usually sealed with a sharp utility. If you aren’t able to get a real […]

Why Is A Book Safe A Must-Buy For You?

If you want a place where you can hide valuable things you have then you can opt for a book safe which is a must-purchase if you have things to hide. You cannot hide everything because someday it will be out in the open and you cannot do anything about it. There is nothing better […]

How to purchase the best book safe?

Hey, guys if you want to hide your valuables without any suspicion then we have the best option for you where you can hide your valuables without any suspicion. When it comes to hiding valuables you need to be very smart because purchasing a book safe is not an easy task. You need to take […]

Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Book Safe

Hey guys, if you are intending to invest your money in purchasing a safe or a vault then stop right here. The reason for it is that you will end up wasting your money and there is no value for that investment. You should invest your money in a valuable item or a product where […]

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Book Safe

If you want to purchase a book safe then there is no smartness in considering the common factors because it will provide you with no benefit. The reason for this is that there are companies offering book safes that can easily fool customers with aggressive marketing. The information about the product cannot be trusted as […]

What is a Book Safe?

What is a Book Safe? Whether its called a Book Safe, Book Box, Stash Book, Secret Hollow Book, or Secret Safe Book, a bookbox is a real book that has been hollowed out to create a hidden storage area inside. We didn’t invent the process – the idea of creating hidden storage inside an everyday […]

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