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Book Safe (or can be called as Book Box, Stash Book, Secret Hollow Book) is a “book” that contains hidden compartment for storing valuables. 

The compartment of the safe features a strong steel safe door that can be opened using keys or security code. This solid-steel lockable compartment is surrounded by an exterior that is made of real individual pages, making it appear exactly like a real book. 

The Book Safe features a portable and compact design that makes it great for safely storing money, passports, jewelry, and other small valuables.

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The Story of Book Safe

Protecting your valuables is a top priority for many people who are afraid that burglars might steal their belongings. However, keeping your valuables safe doesn’t have to be so complicated! In this article, you’ll learn how to use Book Safe to hide your valuables as well as prevent them from being damaged by water and dust with the help of its hidden compartment and transparent cover.

A Book Safe locks your valuables in a secret compartment that is too small for anyone to see. For this reason, there is no way for someone to steal your valuables from the Book Safe since they are too large to fit in the compartment. It’s also impossible for someone to break into the safe since it has a lock and because it is completely sealed and airtight.

There are many ways to keep valuables and valuable in a bag, but the safest is through using a hidden compartment. This way, you don’t have to worry about someone looking in your bag while you’re walking around because they won’t see anything. It also protects your valuables from the harsh environment of your bag itself. There are different types of hidden compartments that come in many different shapes and sizes so there’s something for everyone.

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Happy Customers

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Delivery in 19 days, packed perfectly-in several layers of different navel-small and large, respectively, the book came in excellent form

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Done qualitatively. Pages are paper. On the shelf, most likely, will not stand out at all. But… but the safe itself is very small because of the design features. Ala put two passports and a little money, folded in half

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Very accurate to description. Good size, no smell. Came in good time and seems good quality so far. Cane with a set of keys and lock works with ease. So far so good. Looks and feels like a real book until u get close of course

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Item matches seller description. Very good finish and camouflage. The combination lock works very well. Fast Delivery

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Protect your valuables with Book Safe, a hidden compartment book that will keep your cash and other items safe and secure. This beautifully designed book looks like a paperback but actually has multiple compartments for storing treasures.

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